Diversification Strategy

Corporate Strategy

We collaborate with clients for developing and refining their corporate strategy. We help the central organization to develop an overarching strategic plan that would successfully direct the individual business units to achieve the desired results.

We provide assistance in developing a corporate vision, managing the portfolio, identifying required capabilities and providing a strategic direction at an overall level.

We also suggest changes required in the organizational structure and performance management to successfully execute the defined strategy.

Vendor Due Diligence

We conduct this service for companies that are up for sale or planning to sell off one of its parts.  It provides an in-depth report of the company’s market potential, the competitive position and financial health to potential buyers.

An independent and objective analysis of the company would help in addressing upfront the potential investors concerns and issues relevant to them.

It expedites the process especially when there are multiple buyers. The whole process also helps in identifying potential ‘deal breakers’ early in the process and in developing strategies to mitigate them.

Business Plans

We help companies in identifying or assessing the feasibility of new business opportunities. The entire process encompasses of assessing the market size, identifying demand supply gaps, studying customer behaviour, mapping the competitive space and key emerging trends.

This process helps us arrive at the addressable market. We then provide strategic direction regarding the suggested route of entry, marketing strategy, product portfolio and target customer groups.

We support these findings with a financial plan projecting growth under multiple scenarios.