Growth, Marketing and Distribution Strategy

Our Growth Strategy Practice will assist you in envisioning and defining a strategic direction for your organisation. We help you blueprint a strategy for growth to capitalise on market opportunities by leveraging on your existing capabilities, or recommending new competencies that you should build.

We have significant experience in providing companies with comprehensive market and customer insights to be able to execute their growth strategies successfully.

Marketing and distribution functions play a pivotal role in generating revenues, retaining customers and achieving the overall company objectives. 

We provide strategic recommendations in various areas including channel management, customer segmentation, pricing strategy and go-to-market strategy.

Post-Merger Integration and 100 Day Plans

A majority of mergers and acquisitions fail because of poor planning for integration between the two entities.

Our PMI service assesses the variance between the strategies, people, processes and culture of the two organisations and develops a risk mitigation strategy to ensure that a time bound integration happens.

We have undertaken a number of implementation projects using a 100 day planning approach. We believe that the first 100 days creates the momentum required for successful implementation. The 100 day plan capability can be utilized in a number of situations:

  • Post definition of strategy to drive the implementation of strategic initiatives
  • Post acquisition to ensure that a fast start is made towards the implementation of the Investment Thesis and that momentum is sustained
  • Turnaround, to enable the process of rapidly identifying and implementing the required strategic and operational initiatives

This service is targetted to mid-sized businesses considering acquisitive growth.

Supply Chain Strategy

We work closely with you to optimise your distribution chain and logistics costs, by examining the channel and aligning your channel usage to the product-market mix most suited to it.

We will develop a strategy to transform your supply chain performance by integrating and improving the end-to-end process that involves planning, sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution.

We identify opportunities to reduce in-bound, in-plant and out-bound inventory based on demand and supply constraints.

Strategic Cost Management

Controlling costs and improving cost structure is critical for most businesses. Our strategic cost management practice adopts a ‘process view’ of your business, as opposed to a functional view, allowing to see the organization as a whole.

We work closely with you to identify and analyze each business process and target improvements can be made by bringing short and long term cost structure improvements.